The Legal Design Summit Program 2019

10:00 Welcome Words

1. Legal Design from thinking to doing

10:10 – 10:40 Opening Keynote: The Path of Legal Design
Dan Jackson (Executive Director, NuLawLab, Northeastern University School of Law)

10:40 – 11:00 10 Reasons Why NOT to do Legal Design
Marco Imperiale (Lawyer and Innovation Officer at LCA)

11:00 – 11:30 Strategic Blueprints for Legal Design and Access to Justice
Margaret Hagan (Director, Legal Design Lab, Stanford Law)

11:30 – 12:00 Doing Nothing Means Stepping Backward: Legal Design for Courts
Stacy Butler (Director, Innovation for Justice, University of Arizona)
Andrea Lindblom (Administrative Chief, Helsingborg District Court)
Ylva Norling Jönsson (Chief Judge, Helsingborg District Court)
Santiago Pardo Rodriguez (Professor of the Legal Design Lab of the University of Andes )

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch Break

2. Transforming Strategies (into a culture)

13:30 – 13:50 What Does Transforming Strategies into a Culture Mean?
Esko Kilpi (Researcher, Author and Lecturer on post-industrial work)

13:50 – 14:10 Legal Culture vs Design Culture: Tensions and Opportunities
Michael Doherty (Principal Law Lecturer at University of Central Lancashire)

14:10 – 14:40 Transforming Strategies and Culture in Law Firms
Laura Fauqueur (Legal Hackers co-organizer, Director for the Masters in Legaltech, CEU Institute for Advanced Management, Consultant)
Tom Connor (Innovation Project Manager, Matheson)

14:40 – 15:00 Legal Design for Real-Life Compliance: Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Financing of Terrorism and Anti-Corruption
Marie Potel-Saville (Founder and CEO, Amurabi)
Elisabeth Talbourdet (Project Manager, Amurabi)

15:00 – 15:30 Strategic Implementation of Legal Technology
Jack Pineda Dale (Legal Director, Microsoft Central and EasternEurope)
Mathias Strand (Head of Legal, Microsoft Western Europe)

15:30 – 15:50 World News of Legal Design
Meera Klemola (Founder & Director of Strategy, Observ)
Emma Hertzberg (Founder & Creative Director, Observ)

15:50 – 16:30 Coffee Break

3. Legal Design Impact and Beyond - What's Next?

16:30 – 16:50 Leading Innovation to DESIGN Law’s Future
Caitlin Moon (Director of Innovation Design, Vanderbilt Law School and Director of the PoLI Institute)

16:50 – 17:10 Legal Design Black Box – When Something Doesn’t Work as Planned
Jason Dunning (Senior Manager, DWF Ventures)

17:10 – 17:30 Next Generation Management Playbook
Sebastian Hartmann (Global Head of Technology Strategy, KPMG)

17:30 – 17:50 Visualizing Social Justice: How Legal Design Can Build Community Power
Hallie Jay Pope (President, Graphic Advocacy Project)

17:50 – 18:20 Designing Privacy in the Digital Age: Gaming, Social Media and Children
Leena Kuusniemi (Legal Advisor, Leegal Oy)
Heikki Tolvanen (Co-Founder & Chief Legal Engineer, PrivacyAnt)
Kim Parviainen (Counsel, Attorney-at-Law, Castrén & Snellman)

18:20 – 18:40 Final Keynote: We Need to Break Out of the Echo Box – So What’s Next?
Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert (Chief Creative, Ethel)

19:00 Afterparty by Dottir!
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Dan Jackson
Executive Director, NuLawLab, Northeastern University School of Law

LinkedIn Website

Dan Jackson directs the NuLawLab at Northeastern University School of Law, an interdisciplinary innovation laboratory working to merge creative arts and law to create new models of legal empowerment. Dan is a 1997 graduate of Northeastern Law and a 1990 graduate of Northwestern University. Following a postgraduate clerkship with The Hon. Hugh H. Bownes at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, Dan worked for 13 years with the law firm of Bingham McCutchen, ultimately serving as the firm’s director of attorney development after practicing in the employment law group. Prior to law school, Dan worked as a designer for theater. He continues to do so, most recently with the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival and The Provincetown Theater.

Marco Imperiale
Lawyer and Innovation Officer, LCA Law Firm

LinkedIn Website

Marco is a lawyer and the innovation officer at a leading Italian law firm, LCA. As innovation officer, he explores new and global trends in law, with a view to leverage on new technologies to deliver better legal services to clients. As lawyer, he advises national and international clients, primarily regarding copyright and entertainment law. He has a wide experience working with startups, both as mentor, lawyer and negotiation advocate. Marco collaborates with Harward Law School as Teaching Fellow for the CopyrightX course. He has also given seminars and spoke at numerous panel discussions on copyright/entertainment law, and negotiation/mediation.

Margaret Hagan
Director, Stanford Legal Design Lab

LinkedIn Website

Margaret Hagan is the Director of the Legal Design Lab at Stanford University, as well as lecturer in the Institute of Design (the She is a lawyer, and holds a J.D. from Stanford Law School, a DPhil from Queen’s University Belfast, an MA from Central European University, and an AB from University of Chicago. She specializes in the application of human-centered design to the legal system, including the development of new public interest technology, legal visuals, and policy design. Her research and teaching focuses on the development and evaluation of new interventions to make the legal system more accessible. Her recent articles include “Participatory Design for Innovation in Access to Justice” (Daedalus 2019) and “A Human-Centered Design Approach to Access to Justice” (Ind. JL & Soc. Equal. 6, 199, 2018).

Stacy Butler
Director, Innovation for Justice Program at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law

LinkedIn Website

Stacy Butler directs the Innovation for Justice Program at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, a legal innovation lab working to design, build and test disruptive solutions to social justice problems. She has two decades of experience in community advocacy and expanding the reach of civil legal services for under-served populations. In 2017, she launched Step Up to Justice, a pro bono civil legal center that has delivered over $3 million in free civil legal services to low-income families. She earned a BA from Trinity University and a JD from the University of Arizona. Butler was named one of the Top 50 Pro Bono Attorneys in Arizona in 2006, 2014 and 2015.

Andrea Lindblom
Administrative Chief, Helsingborg District Court

LinkedIn Website

Andrea graduated from Lund University (law) in 2009. She has been working at Helsingborg District Court since 2011. During the lasts few years she has focused on issues relating to the presence of the courts and judges on social media. Together with her colleagues she runs a podcast about different legal issues from a courts’ perspective. Andrea discovered Legal Design when she stumbled across one of Margaret Hagans sketches from a Courts Technology Conference in September 2017 on How courts could become more innovative. In March 2019 Helsingborg District Court arranged Sweden’s first legal design workshop in the public sector with representatives from the Swedish Enforcement Authority, the Swedish Prosecution Authority, the Swedish Police, members of the Swedish Bar Association, the City of Helsingborg, the Swedish Agency for Participation and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service.

Ylva Norling Jönsson
Chief Judge, Helsingborg District Court

LinkedIn Website

Ylva Norling Jönsson has worked as a judge for more than twenty years. For the last ten years she has worked as the Chief Judge at the District Court of Helsingborg, a court that is both modern and efficient. Ylva has taken part in several law-making processes as the head of or the expert in many State Inquiries on different legal subjects. Ylva thinks that courts and the judges should take part in the public debate and the society, as they play an important role in the legal system. Justice must not only be done, it must also be seen to be done. To Ylva this means that the courts and the judges must always stay unbiased but it does not prevent the courts and the judges from explaining the legislation or a sentence and it does not prevent the courts and the judges to stand up for human rights. Ylva finds it natural that courts and judges engage in social media - and why not in a Pride parade too?

Santiago Pardo Rodriguez
Head of the Legal Innovation Program and the Access to Justice Design Lab of the Universidad de los Andes


Colombian lawyer, with an LLM from the Universidad de los Andes, an MSc in Law, Anthropology & Society from the London School of Economics and a Master of the Science of Law (JSM) from Stanford University. Former clerk at the Colombian Constitutional Court and the Peace Tribunal with ample experience in Constitutional Law, Public Law, Transitional Justice, and Empirical Legal Research. A true believer in the power of innovation to promote a new generation of legal and judicial services through Legal Design, Design Thinking, Tech Law and Legal Tech. Founder and head of the first Legal Innovation Program and the Access to Justice Lab in the country, created as a joint venture between the Universidad de los Andes' Architecture & Design School and Law School. Searching for the designer every lawyer should be.

Esko Kilpi
Researcher, Author and Lecturer, Esko Kilpi Company

LinkedIn Website

Esko is the founder of Esko Kilpi Company, a group of researchers and strategists laying the intellectual foundations for Post-Industrial Work. We are early champions and pilots for the new disciplines of post-fossil value creation.

Michael Doherty
Principal Lecturer in Law, Lancashire Law School, UCLan, UK

LinkedIn Website

Michael is currently a Principal Lecturer in Law, at Lancashire Law School, UCLan, and will shortly be taking up a post of Professor of Law at Lancaster University. His key interest in academia has been in enhancing legal education. Michael is the academic lead for Teaching and Learning at his law school and a former Chair of the Association of Law Teachers. His colleagues and I have used service design methods, such as UX interviews, user personas, a uniform icon set and journey mapping to completely redesign our undergraduate curriculum. I have researched and published on environmental law, on human rights and am author of Public Law (2nd edn, Routledge, 2018). I am the creator of OpenLawMap, an interactive site for mapping places of legal interest. I led a project with a graphic designer on visualising tenant’s rights project. My current research projects are examining Legal Design as a nascent academic discipline and on how the anthropological and sociological constructions of Law and of Design can interact. At its heart, the project is looking at the tensions and innovative opportunities of bringing design mindsets into legal culture.

Laura Fauqueur
Legal Hackers coorganizer / Director for the Masters in Legaltech (CEU Institute for Advanced Management) / Consultant


Laura is a director for the Masters in Legaltech from the CEU Institute for Advanced Management in Madrid (Spain), the first one ever launched in Spanish language. Laura has been involved in the legal industry from different angles, originally as a court interpreter, then as a marketing and BD director for a law firm, as a cofounder of the legaltech and legal design consulting firm Instituto de Innovación Legal, and now as an innovation and marketing consultant for an international law firms’ alliance as well as for other legal players. She has also been an historical cofounder of the Madrid Legal Hackers Chapter, of which she still is a coorganizer.

Tom Connor
Innovation Project Manager, Matheson

LinkedIn Website

Tom Connor is Innovation Project Manager at Matheson, one of Ireland’s leading law firms with six global offices and over 700 legal and business professionals. Tom works with the firm’s senior management team in the design and delivery of the firm’s digital innovation strategy, responding to the digital legal services requirements of internationally focused companies and financial institutions doing business in and from Ireland. Tom focuses on leveraging current and emerging technologies to optimise internal workflow processes, advancing legal services delivery on complex and large scale matters. Tom also heads up Matheson’s R&D and Innovation Team which works directly with the firm’s clients to co-create innovative legal technology solutions.

Marie Potel-Saville
Founder & CEO, Amurabi

LinkedIn Website

Marie combines her Magic Circle private practice experience in London, Brussels, Mexico, Paris with her prior life as EMEA General Counsel and an Innovation by Design Master's Degree at ENSCI to make law accessible, actionable and engaging. Having experienced the power of Legal Design when she served as EMEA Legal Vice President, she was so convinced by the strong benefits for clients and GCs that she wanted to share this approach more widely and set up her own innovation by design agency. She believes law should be easily accessible to all: she is involved in skills-based sponsorship and dedicate part of her time off to social initiatives, such as AFPAD, which promotes access to justice, prevention through social mediation and education in citizenship.

Elisabeth Talbourdet
Project manager, Amurabi

LinkedIn Website

While studying law across several jurisdictions, Elisabeth acquired experience by working for several prominent law firms in both London and Paris. She was introduced to Legal Design when working in-house and was immediately convinced by this new approach to provide clear and enforceable legal recommendations. Taking part in the modernization of the law has always been a personal goal which led Elisabeth to recently joined Amurabi, a design agency, as Project Manager. Through Legal Design, she wishes to empower users by making the law accessible to all. Having worked on projects ranging from anti-corruption policies, to complex legal processes and redesigned contracts, Elisabeth particularly enjoys working across the board and believes in using Legal Design as a strategic tool, to convey legal recommendations understandable by all actors involved...not just lawyers!

Jack Pineda Dale
Legal Director, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe


Jack Pineda Dale is Microsoft’s Legal Director for Baltics, Slovenia and Serbia based in Helsinki, Finland. As a technology aficionado himself, he specialises in AI and new technologies and legal issues arising from those. He led a worldwide project in Microsoft’s legal department that created a legal bot that provides legal guidance to Microsoft’s sales and business teams around the world. Prior to his role as Legal Director, he was an Attorney Lead in Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit specialising in Cybersecurity and Cybercrime. He holds a Master’s in International Business Law from the University of Helsinki.

Mathias Strand
Assistant General Counsel and Head of Legal, Microsoft Western Europe


Mathias Strand is Assistant General Counsel and Head of Legal for Microsoft in Western Europe. He leads a team of lawyers who supports the commercial activities in the Nordics, the Benelux, the Alp countries, Italy, Spain and Portugal. He is a frequent speaker and panelist on topics relating to cloud computing, privacy and security, IT law, AI and ethics, compliance, accessibility, corporate social responsibility and the role of the corporate lawyer. He is a guest lecturer at law schools in Sweden and a member of the New York Bar. Mathias has a background from law firms in Stockholm and New York and a Masters of Law from Uppsala University and a Masters of Law from Georgetown University Law Center.

Meera Klemola
Founder & Director of Strategy at Observ, Observ Agency

LinkedIn Website

Meera Klemola is a Founder at Observ, the leading global legal design agency. She is a trusted advisor in transforming legal practices for iconic global brands, multinational organisations, law firms, governments and academic institutions. Meera’s philosophy is to enable courageous change with design. With the team at Observ, she is constantly exploring the ways design can advance businesses and legal systems. Meera is particularly inspired by the use and scaling of design to shift existing thought patterns and to create more meaningful experiences for all. Both a strategic designer and lawyer, Meera holds a unique combination of qualifications in Law, Commerce and Design Management. Through her recognised work in the industry, Meera is also a frequently-invited keynote speaker at conferences across Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia & Australia.

Emma Hertzberg
Founder & Creative Director, Observ Agency

LinkedIn Website

Emma Hertzberg is a Founder at Observ the leading global legal design agency on a mission to bring clarity to complexity. With Observ she is a trusted advisor in transforming legal practices for iconic global brands, multinational organizations, law firms, governments, and academic institutions. She is a strategic powerhouse intensively working with clients to empower them, question common beliefs, and challenge processes with design thinking. Making our society and organizations work more effectively, yet sustainably drives Emma forward. As an award-winning designer, with over a decade of experience in design, business and law Emma is frequently invited to keynote around the world on both law and design. She is also one of a handful of people to have authored and published academic literature on legal design + technology. Emma likes to challenge herself, truffle ice cream and she would die happy tomorrow if she could make fantasy role play cool again.

Caitlin Moon
Director of Innovation Design, Vanderbilt Law School


Caitlin "Cat" Moon is the Director of Innovation Design for the Program in Law and Innovation (PoLI) at Vanderbilt Law School and Director of the PoLI Institute (, which provides executive education to legal professionals. She co-founded Vanderbilt's annual Summit on Law and Innovation (SoLI), bringing together practitioners across disciplines in collaborative legal innovation projects. She currently teaches Legal Problem Solving, a course in human-centered design for law, Law as a Business, Blockchain and Smart Contracts and Legal Operations at Vanderbilt Law. Cat speaks and facilitates workshops globally on the application of human-centered design, creativity, and technology to realize innovation across the legal profession and legal education. Before joining her alma mater Vanderbilt Law, she practiced law for 20 years.

Jay Dunning
Creativity, Ideas and Design Manager (EMEA), DWF Ventures

LinkedIn Website

Jay is recognised as a leader in Serious Creativity, as well as being known as a highly effective facilitator of design and thinking differently workshops. His diverse past which includes policing, banking and law has shaped the way Jay thinks today - having a particular affinity toward understanding problems and generating new ideas that move people forward. Whilst at DWF, he has supported a vast number of businesses across multiple sectors, to understand and effectively implement Process Improvement, Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Techniques.

Sebastian Hartmann
Global Head of Technology Strategy, KPMG


After several years in Operations Consulting working for DAX and Fortune 500 as well as midcaps in Germany, Europe, Asia and the US, Sebastian Hartmann has noticed the immense paradigm shift that his own industry is experiencing: Since 10 years he has now focused on the strategic management, innovation and operations challenges of Professional Service Firms – driven by evolving client demands, digital technologies, evolving business models and a quickly changing competitive landscape. At KPMG, one of the largest professional service firms in the world, Sebastian and his team enjoy working on the combination of a business portfolio strategy and global technology landscape in coherent strategic action. It places his focus at the frontier of the developments of the industry. Next to his strategic role at KPMG , Sebastian is also advising selected leading professional service firms, e.g. some of the top law firms, marketing agencies, leading technical design and assurance firms as well as other players in adjacent fields. Sebastian is also an experienced speaker to leading universities as well as to other events, e.g. executive roundtables or top leadership meetings at large professional service firms.

Hallie Jay Pope
President, Graphic Advocacy Project

LinkedIn Website

Hallie Jay Pope is a lawyer by training and a cartoonist/graphic designer/animator by trial and error. She is the founder and president of the Graphic Advocacy Project, a nonprofit that uses visual communication tools to explain the law. Hallie's work seeks to redistribute legal knowledge to communities who are systemically excluded from and targeted by the legal system.

Leena Kuusniemi
Legal Advisor, Founder, Leegal Oy


Leena Kuusniemi is a truly experienced Legal Advisor for technology companies. Before founding Leegal Oy in Finland, she has worked in legal departments of Rovio Entertainment (Senior Legal Counsel in Finland HQ) and Nokia Corporation (Director Legal&IP in Finland HQ, Vancouver, Copenhagen) supporting strategic technology licensing, mobile advertising and global regulatory and privacy matters among other things. Leena is a Visiting Fellow at European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC) at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law, and also a member of Helsinki University Legal Tech Lab advisory board and IAPP. She has also participated several EU Commission working groups related to technology industry initiatives. Leena has lectured widely in conferences and training programmes such as Privacy Laws&Business, IIC, Nordic Privacy Arena, IAPP, and in Data Protection Officer training programs organised by ECPC and AlmaTalent. Leena has a legal qualification degree from University of Helsinki and LL.M. (Law and Information Technology) from University of Stockholm.

Heikki Tolvanen
Chief Legal Engineer, PrivacyAnt

LinkedIn Website

Heikki’s background is in law but he has been a tech enthusiast since childhood. Heikki is a co-founder of PrivacyAnt. Heikki and PrivacyAnt share a vision to automate privacy management for companies with the help of legal design and modern technology.

Kim Parviainen
Counsel, Castrén & Snellman Attorneys


Kim is an experienced IP and tech lawyer who for many years has worked with regulatory issues and disputes in the digital realm. He has represented clients in well over a dozen data protection and privacy disputes in the Finnish courts and routinely advises some of the world’s leading companies on complex data protection and other regulatory issues. Kim has acted for clients in general, administrative and specialist courts in Finland, in local and international arbitration, and before EU-level institutions and courts.

Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert
Chief Creative, Ethel

LinkedIn Website

Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert is the co-founder & Chief Creative of Ethel, a brand new legal tech & design agency. Together with co-founders Pieter-Jan Franssen en Daan Vansimpsen, the aim of Ethel (also check out the brand story which refers to Ethel Rebecca Benjamin, one of the world very first female lawyers) is to innovate law, make it more attractive, and kickstart the next revolution in the legal landscape. Matthias founded the legal consultancy firm “theJurists” (deJuristen) in 2010. In 2017 he created Europe’s first b2b legal chatbot. After managing the firm for almost 10 years, he sold his shares to an investor, and now he’s fully committed to Ethel. Aside from legal tech & design, Matthias is a privacy activist and director of the Ministry of Privacy, which combats privacy invasions committed by our governments (the famous ‘fingerprint on the eID’-case in Belgium), a legal storyteller at DOBBELAERE-WELVAERT, and - as an avid fan of motorcycles - the official Triumph Motorcycles Mobility Ambassador.


Saila Löfström
Head of Legal for Creative Content, YLE


Saila Löfström is our host for Legal Design Summit 2019. She is a lawyer by training and an artist by heart. She currently works as the Head of Legal for Creative Content at Yle - the Finnish Public Broadcasting Company - and has a background of supporting e.g. gaming, music and sports industries. Whenever she is not helping out behind the scenes with producing and commissioning new creative contents she takes the stage herself as a singer or as a host.

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