The Legal Design Summit Program

9:00 Welcome Words

1. Legal Design Beyond Visualization

9:15 - 9:45 Legal Design Beyond Visual Design: Creating Service, Org, and System Change
Margaret Hagan (Director of the Legal Design Lab, Stanford Law School)

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9:45 - 10:15 Legal Design in Action: How Lawyers Are Reimagining Legal Practice, Legal Organizations & Legal Education
Alix Devendra (co-founder & legal designer, Start Here HQ)
Cat Moon (Professor of Legal Design, Vanderbilt Law School)

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10:15 - 10:45 Designed to deliver
Sarah Van Hecke (Legal Design Consultant, Houthoff Buruma)
Kate Snow (Kate Snow Designs)

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10:45 - 11:15 Case: Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE – Visualizing complex contracts
Anniina Dahlström (Media Regulation Manager, the Finnish Broadcasting Company )
Maria Jaatinen (Senior Service Designer, Hellon)
Johanna Rantanen (Partner, Dottir)

11:15 - 11:45 Designing contracts for a digital government
Warren Smith (Digital Marketplace Director, UK Government Digital Service)

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12:00 - 13:00 Lunch

2. Legal Innovations

13:10 - 13:40 Between Art and Science: Building a Purposeful Legal Innovation Agenda
Marie Bernard (Europe Director of Innovation, Dentons)

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13:40 - 14:10 Information design for the courtroom
Juuso Koponen (Information designer & Founder, Koponen+Hildén)

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14:10 - 14:40 New work - new legal entities: the birth of new economic spaces
Esko Kilpi (Researcher, Author and Lecturer on post-industrial work)

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14:40 - 15:10 How AI and Machine Learning will render 80% of lawyers obsolete in 2025
Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaer (Managing Partner, the Jurists Europe)

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15:10 - 15:20 Legal Tech Lab - Roadmap to userfriendly Law 2.0
Riikka Koulu (Director, the University of Helsinki Legal Tech Lab)

15:20 - 15:50 Case: Allen & Overy Fuse Incubator: Team Ithaca – A Bridge Over Troubled Process
Joe May (Co-founder, Ithaca)
Justin North (Founder & Director, Janders Dean)

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15:50 - 16:30 Case: Mutual Pension Insurance Company Varma – Redesigning insurance decisions.
Tiina Kurki (Senior Vice-President, Pension Services and IT, Varma)
Hannu Saarinen (Varma’s Client)
Jaakko Wäänänen (Founder & CEO, Hellon)
Johanna Rantanen (Partner, Dottir)
Maria Jaatinen (Senior Service Designer, Hellon)
Moderator: Antti Innanen (Managing Partner, Dottir)

16:30 - 16:45 Case: BRAINFACTORY



3. Privacy by (Legal) Design

17:30 - 18:00 Designing for the Internet of (Legal) Things
Jose Torres (Director of the Center for Innovation in Law, the University Sergio Arboleda)

18:00 - 18:30 When Legal Design Meets the Semantic Web: Rethinking how we Interact with Data Protection
Arianna Rossi (Researcher, University of Bologna)

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18:30 - 19:10 REALITY CHECK: GDPR is coming (to get us?)
Heikki Tolvanen (Privacy and Information Risk Manager, Fortum)
Stephanie Abbott (Director, Janders Dean)
Jens Kremer (Senior Privacy Specialist, Privaon)
Jelle van Veenen (Legal Service Designer, Kennedy van der Laan)
Moderator: Emma Jelley (General Counsel, Onfido)

19:10 - 19:15 Thank You speech

19:15 - 19:30 Final Keynote
Dan Jackson (Executive Director – NuLawLab; Northeastern University School of Law)



Margaret Hagan is the founder of the Legal Design Lab and a lecturer at the Stanford Institute of Design; both an inspirational lawyer and an innovative legal designer.

Margaret Hagan
Director of the Legal Design Lab, Stanford Law School & Lecturer at the Stanford Institute of Design (d.school)

Esko (@EskoKilpi ) is the founder of Esko Kilpi Company, a group of researchers and strategists. We lay the intellectual foundations for Post-Industrial Work. We help organisations and individuals to develop capabilities, innovate and grow in the new technological and societal landscape characterised by intelligent algorithms, platform businesses and increased need for true human interaction. We are early champions and pilots for the new disciplines of value creation as they emerge. Our theoretical framework comes from sociology, relational psychology, network theory, computer science and the sciences of complexity.

Esko Kilpi
Researcher, Author and Lecturer on post-industrial work

Jose Fernando Torres is a former fellow at Stanford Law School’s Legal Design Lab and is the current Director of the Center for Innovation in Law at the Sergio Arboleda University in Colombia. He is working at the intersection of design, law & technology to develop innovative legal services, hack access to justice and train innovative lawyers.

Jose F. Torres
Director of the Center for Innovation in Law at the University Sergio Arboleda

Alix Devendra is a cofounder of Start Here HQ, a legal design firm based in Portland, Oregon. She helps law firms and in-house counsel develop the mindsets and processes necessary to achieve sustainable growth and innovation. Previously, Alix practiced labor and employment law at an Am Law 100 firm in San Francisco. She graduated first in her class from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. She holds a bachelor's degree in French literature from Pomona College.

Alix Devendra
Co-Founder of Start Here HQ

Cat Moon teaches legal design at Vanderbilt Law Law School and works with law schools across the U.S. to innovate legal education curricula using human-centered design methods. As Co-Founder and Legal Designer at Start Here HQ, she works with firms and legal departments to reimagine client services delivery through the lens of legal design. Cat also serves as Chief Design Officer at Legal Alignment, a legal technology startup, and co-organizes the Music City Legal Hackers.

Cat Moon
Professor of Legal Design at Vanderbilt Law School; Co-Founder and Legal Designer at Start Here HQ

Dr. Riikka Koulu (LL.D. trained on the bench) is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki and the director of The University of Helsinki Legal Tech Lab. Koulu specializes in digitalization of legal practice and legal automation. She has received her PhD in procedural law at University of Helsinki in 2016.

Riikka Koulu
Director of the University of Helsinki Legal Tech Lab

Sarah van Hecke, legal design consultant at Houthoff Buruma, independently set up Legal Design as a new discipline within Houthoff Buruma. With a background in strategic marketing research, a position at one of the top dutch law firms was not the obvious choice. However, the combination of different perspectives proved very successful. Sarah is a strategic sparring partner for our lawyers. With different areas of expertise, including behavioural psychology, design and law, Sarah works together with the teams on complex matters. Whether in court or outside the courtroom.

Sarah Van Hecke
Legal Design Consultant at Houthoff Buruma

Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert is the founder and managing partner of theJurists Europe (Gent/Brussel/Amsterdam/Parijs/Londen). He studied law at the University of Ghent, and a postgraduate in ICT & Media Law at KU Leuven (Belgium). He is specialized in artificial intelligence in legal technology, online privacy and freedom of speech. Matthias is also teaching ‘Copyright and Mediarights’ at the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel. His opinions are frequently asked in written and audiovisual media and he’s at his best when lecturing about privacy, legal tech (legal technology) and AI (artificial intelligence robotica).

Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert
Managing Partner theJurists Europe

Warren’s responsible for ensuring that the Digital Marketplace directly supports the UK government’s reform of digital and technology procurement and contracting. His leadership has led to over 4,000 suppliers having access to the UK government’s business, and over 90% of these are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Warren Smith
Digital Marketplace Director, UK Government Digital Service

Juuso Koponen is an information designer, founder at the data visualization studio Koponen+Hildén, and co-author of Tieto näkyväksi, the first Finnish language primer about data visualization. He also teaches data visualization at Aalto University and other Finnish universities, as well as hosting visualization workshops for companies, NGOs, and public sector organizations. He is also a juror at the District Court of Helsinki.

Juuso Koponen
Information designer & founder at Koponen+Hildén

Arianna Rossi is a PhD candidate of the Joint International Degree in Law, Science and Technology (LAST-JD). Her research stems from the interaction between Legal Semantic Web technologies and Legal Design. In particular, she is researching how to visually represent core information of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation in a semi-automatic manner. The goal is to help users to effortlessly flow through the complexity of privacy policies and consent agreements.

Arianna Rossi
Director Researcher, University of Bologna, Italy

Marie Bernard, Europe Director of Innovation at Dentons and Nextlaw Labs Strategic Advisor, supports the development and acceleration of innovative solutions. She stands for no-nonsense, customer-centric innovation. For more than 16 years Marie has been working in the field of business development and customer relations with professional service firms.

Marie Bernard
Europe Director of Innovation at Dentons; Nextlaw Labs Strategic Advisor; Board member within the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA)

Tiina is a Senior Vice-President at Varma and responsible for Pension Services and IT. She is a member of Varma’s Executive Group and she joined Varma in 2012. Tiina is a Master of Business Administration and her background is in banking and IT consulting. Tiina is interested in improving customer satisfaction with technology and development of services. For Tiina, customer oriented approach and digitalisation are the key to better services in financial sector.

Tiina Kurki
Senior Vice-President, Pension Services and IT at Varma

Stephanie is the leader of Janders Dean’s APAC Legal Transformation Practice. She has been working with law firms and in-house legal teams in knowledge management, communication, organisational development and change for over 15 years. She has both deep experience in her field of expertise and a strong commercial and practical sense.

As part of the Janders Dean team she has advised regional and international law firms, in-house legal teams and government legal organisations about their knowledge and client service transformation strategies.

Stephanie Abbott
Director at Janders Dean

Maria Jaatinen (Master of Arts) works as a senior service designer at Hellon. She has been working with various Finnish organisations and municipalities in consulting and implementing service design on both strategic and systemic level. She is highly experienced in legal design and has great hands-on knowledge on how to run a legal design process and design a concrete change to legal documents.

Maria Jaatinen
Senior Service Designer at Hellon

Dr. Jens Kremer is a Senior Privacy Specialist at Privaon Oy, a consultancy specialised in Data Protection and Privacy as a service. He also works part-time as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Academy of Finland funded research project ‘Laws of Surveillance and Security: Constitutional Limits, Legislative Discourses and Transnational Influences’ at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law. Jens is specialized in privacy, data protection, and security research and has written a doctoral dissertation titled ‘The End of Freedom in Public Places? Privacy problems arising from the surveillance of the European public space.

Jens Kremer
Senior Privacy Specialist at Privaon

Johanna Rantanen is the co-founder of Dottir Attorneys and an active spokesperson for legal design. She wants to bring design thinking into law by facilitating the co-operation between lawyers and designers. Johanna has several years of experience in assisting companies of all sizes in contract and IP matters.

Johanna Rantanen
Partner, Dottir

Jelle van Veenen is a Legal Service Designer at the Dutch law firm Kennedy Van der Laan. He is part of a specialized team that helps corporate clients restructure their legal processes. Jelle has a special interest in technology, and is the co-founder of Dutch Legal Tech.

Jelle van Veenen
Legal Service Designer at Kennedy Van der Laan

Heikki’s background is in law but he has been a tech enthusiast since childhood. Heikki currently leads a privacy team in Fortum and is a co-founder of PrivacyAnt. Heikki and PrivacyAnt share a vision to automate privacy management for companies with the help of legal design and modern technology.

Heikki Tolvanen
Privacy Manager at Fortum; Co-founder of PrivacyAnt

Jaakko Wäänänen is the founder and CEO of Hellon Oy and his background is in service innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy. Jaakko is a visionary entrepreneur with strong leadership skills.

Jaakko Wäänänen
Founder & CEO at Hellon

Emma Jelley is the General Counsel at Onfido, the next generation identity verification and background checking company. Prior to joining Onfido, Emma was at Google, heading up legal affairs for the UK and Ireland. Emma loves working in the fast paced environment of disruptive tech.

Emma Jelley
General Counsel at Onfido

Antti Innanen is the managing partner of Dottir Attorneys and the co-founder of the Legal Design Summit. Antti is a tech lawyer interested in the human aspects of legal business.

Antti Innanen
Managing Partner, Dottir

Anniina Dahlström (née Huttunen) is responsible for copyright matters at Finland's national public service broadcasting company. The regulation and contracts related to rights clearance are an essential precondition for the dissemination of broadcasters' content on any platform. Anniina has published numerous articles about copyright law, robotics, and artificial intelligence. She is a member of the Copyright Council and a board member of the Finnish Copyright Society.

Anniina Dahlström
Media Regulation Manager, the Finnish Broadcasting Company

Hannu Saarinen, CEO and shareholder of Carital Group, M.Sc. (Tech.), M.Sc. (Econ.) with over 30 years of management experience. Hannu has also been working as an entrepreneur for 22 years. Hannu participates in the Varma case panel as Varma's client.

Hannu Saarinen
CEO & Owner, Carital Group

Justin is the Founder and Director of Janders Dean, a leading international legal consultancy practice that specialises in providing innovation and operational advisory services to law firms and corporate in house legal departments.

Justin is also the founder of the APAC Legal Innovation Index, the global Janders Dean Legal Horizons conference series, and the London and Sydney LegalDesignJam initiatives.

With clients on all continents, Janders Dean is an enthusiastic supporter and mentor of the global LawWithoutWalls programme, and advisory board members of Ithaca.

Justin North
Founder & Director, Janders Dean

Joe is a Law Without Walls 2017 alumni and a co-founder of Ithaca, a non-profit aiming to better connect refugees in need of legal assistance with pro-bono lawyers from around the world. Ithaca are currently in residence at Allen & Overy’s Fuse, the firms new tech innovation initiative as the only law-for-good company.

Joe May
Co-founder, Ithaca

Kate Snow is an information designer and the founder of Kate Snow Design, an information and graphic design studio. Clients vary from small start-ups and independent think-tanks to larger, more established, organizations in the fields of healthcare, urban design, government, consultancy as well as in the legal sector. She combines a passion for complex information and concepts with a unique visual style to create insightful and engaging visual solutions. The past two years she has been concentrating her practice on legal design, most notably collaborating with Houthoff.

Kate Snow
Information Designer and Founder of Kate Snow Design

Dan Jackson directs the NuLawLab at Northeastern University School of Law, an interdisciplinary innovation laboratory working to merge creative arts and law to create new models of legal empowerment. Dan is a 1997 graduate of Northeastern Law and a 1990 graduate of Northwestern University. Following a postgraduate clerkship with The Hon. Hugh H. Bownes at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, Dan worked for 13 years with the law firm of Bingham McCutchen, ultimately serving as the firm’s director of attorney development after practicing in the employment law group. Prior to law school, Dan worked as a designer for theater. He continues to do so, most recently with the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival and The Provincetown Theater.

Dan Jackson
Executive Director – NuLawLab; Northeastern University School of Law

Kimmo Nuotio is the Dean of the Faculty of Law. He is professor of criminal law. He has published on issues such as criminal law theory, comparative and European criminal law, and legal theory. He served as the director of the Finnish national doctoral program in law for many years (2007-2013), and he was the vice-director of the Centre of Excellence in Foundations of European Law and Polity (2008-2013), funded by the Academy of Finland.

Kimmo Nuotio
Law Dean & Professor of Criminal Law, University of Helsinki


Meera Sivanathan is the Lead Legal Designer at Dot. She harnesses the power of legal design to develop innovative, meaningful and engaging solutions for organisations, markets and society. Meera previously worked as a lawyer for a leading international law firm in Sydney, Australia. She has extensive experience in M&A, funds management, private equity and venture capital, and has advised an array of clients worldwide – from innovative start-ups to global conglomerates.

Host: Meera Sivanathan
Lead Legal Designer at Dot.

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