Our Story

The Legal Design Summit was founded by Finnish service design firm Hellon and Dottir Attorneys in 2016. The first Legal Design Summit was organized by the founders and a team of volunteers in November 2016. The first Legal Design Summit partnered with the University of Helsinki and had 150 participants with speakers such as Margaret Hagan and Helena Haapio.

In 2017, the reins were given to a 15 members strong core team of volunteers and 70 members strong volunteer team. Due to hard and passionate work and support from the founders, the Summit grew really big, really fast, and became the largest legal design event in the world. We had 30 guest speakers, over 600 participants and a 40-person co-creation event, Brainfactory. Hashtag #LDS2017 was the most popular hashtag in Finland for one day, outnumbering #icehockey and #taxes. That is big!

In 2019, to secure the phenomena and movement the Legal Design Summit had started, Hellon and Dottir Attorneys decided to give the ownership of the Legal Design Summit brand to Legal Design Finland, a non-profit association founded by volunteers with a passion for legal design.

In 2019, the 500 tickets were "sold out" in 1,5 days.

In the future, Legal Design Summit will continue to be a fully non-profit event. We strongly believe that the key to the success and future of legal design, legal tech, and legal innovation is open forums where hard questions and innovative ideas can be discussed and debated resulting in new crossroads of both people and ideas.

Our dream is to share these forums around the world and to offer everyone a chance to participate in the discussion.

Let's do this!

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